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What is Fascial Restructuring™?

Fascial Restructuring™  (FR™) is an innovative new approach to manual therapy and the treatment of athletic/traumatic injuries. Its goal is to reduce or eliminate chronic pain and stiffness by releasing adhesions and realigning bones, restoring the body to a more fluid, balanced and aligned state. It is a direct, sequential, systematic approach to fascial therapy, relying on several foundational principles that facilitate the proper and effective release of adhesion at every level in the human body - myofascial (muscular), neural/dural (nerve), periosteal (bone), visceral/stromal (organ) and articular (joint). 


Adhesion will often form within and between any of these tissues from a number of causes, and in such cases, must be released in order to provide effective, lasting results. Fascial Restructuring™ is unquestionably a very deep form of fascial therapy, however, by design it is much less painful than most other therapies that target adhesion. Additionally, unlike most traditional adhesion release techniques, it is not limited to the release of myofascial or ligamentous adhesions. By targeting other structures in the body, the stage is set for healing to occur at a much deeper level.  © Founder of FR™ Adam Climie, BA, RMT, DOMP


Who can benefit from Fascial Restructuring™?

•Athletes or physical Labour workers

•Those suffering from chronic or recurring pain/discomfort

•Those with postural imbalances

•Anyone with scar tissue, from trauma or surgery

•Anyone who does repetitive actions and movements

 -Sitting at a desk

-Driving long distances or often

-Texting, laptop, tablet overuse

 -Running, Rowing, Skiing, Cycling

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