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Herbal Bundle Massage

The Herbal Bundle Massage takes its name from the cotton wools filled with crushed local medicinal herbs (Eskerium Farm, Denholm, Qc) that are used during the massage. These are heated with steam and then pressed all over the body, focusing on areas of tension.

Herbal bundles are used as a traditional accessory in Thai massage techniques, which combine hand movements and joint mobilizations.

Benefits: When steamed, the herbs can release their therapeutic properties and fragrances, adding a real aromatherapy to the treatment. The herbal bundles exfoliate the skin to help revitalize it and contribute to better blood circulation. The warmth of the herbal pellets also relaxes the muscles quickly and less painfully to help release tension and stress.

With well over a decade of continuing education and hands-on experience, Laetitia uses her Naturopathic expertise to cultivate and curate the herbal bundles from her very own gardens at the Eskerium Farms.  The more you often you experience the Herbal Bundle massage, the more Laetitia can tailor the herbs to your specific needs.

See Laetitia's bio for more information. 

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