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Jillian Clarke

A Physical Education teacher, an avid outdoor enthusiast, and a parent of two young children Jillian enjoys diversity in many aspects of her life.

A fun-loving, easy-going personality, Jillian meets with a variety of clients. Her compassionate approach helps them move towards reclaiming their natural health and resilience post-surgery, recovering from injury, or in general wellness.

The physical systems of the body are interconnected. Jillian uses a combination of techniques to bring more awareness and ease of movement back into the body.

Jillian obtained her Ontario Massage Therapy Certificate in 2005. She incorporates deep tissue massage, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage and Swedish massage into her treatments.

She is also a certified Level 1 Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ) instructor and teaches soft, gentle movements to facilitate mind-body-spirit harmony. Jillian trained with CFQ Founder, Master Yap Soon Yeong in Penang, Malaysia.


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