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Jim Roache



Direct and energetic, Jim is a problem-solver, happy to work with clients of any age and fitness level. His results-oriented sessions are focused on resolving serious discomfort by finding the cause of the issue and working to eradicate it.


As well as working with muscles, Jim focuses on connective tissue which has characteristic, directional alignment which can be deviated by trauma. Jim works to realign it to its natural state. When difficulties arise from scar tissue within the body, Jim is able to interpret it by feel, and eliminate the problems.


Jim became a Registered Massage therapist in 2008 and is registered with the CMTO. He utilizes many techniques, including NeuroMuscular Technique (NMT), Joint Mobilization and Frictioning. Jim has additional training in hip and shoulder dysfunctions, and for running athletes. He recently completed a ten-session protocol focused on Myofascial Integration - Postural Alignment (MIPA).


Jim is not currently taking new clients.

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