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Marc-André Marsolais

Offers Medavie Blue Cross insurance
Fluent in French and English

I have been practicing therapeutic and sports massage for almost 10 years, after obtaining my diploma in massage therapy (Everest College, Ottawa; 2,350 hours of training).


Succinctly: I help you move better, recover from injuries and ailments of all kinds, or live with more ease with chronic conditions


Over the years, I have developed an evaluative approach and my own style of massage to which I integrate various manual therapy techniques and exercises relevant to your needs.


Throughout my career, I have had the chance and privilege to work closely with several professional athletes from major Ottawa sports teams, the University of Ottawa women's rowing team, Olympians, and other competitive or recreational athletes of all calibers and sports. These experiences allowed me to acquire an in-depth understanding of the specific needs of high-level athletes and to develop massage skills adapted to athletic excellence.


Another aspect of my practice consists of facilitating the recovery from injuries of accident victims (road, sports, work), people recovering from post-operative cancers, others suffering from Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, etc. .


No matter your age or condition, your body is your vehicle and massage therapy is a fantastic tool to help you function at your best and enjoy your life every day. Your well-being is important to me, and, with my positive attitude and problem-solving skills, I can help you achieve your goals, whatever your reasons for consulting a massage therapist.

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